Past, Present & Future

Digital, Illustration

This is my entry to dA’s “What does your artistic journey look like?” Contest.

Past, Present & Future © 2014 Tonya M.

Past, Present & Future © 2014 Tonya M.

This is my interpretation of my artistic journey.

Reading the image:
  1. Starting with the bottom left corner, this is my past and the beginning of my journey within the art world (using traditional tools and mediums).
  2. Moving up toward the top left corner, I start my transition to the digital art world, with the purchase of my very first tablet.
  3. Moving along to the top right corner, is where I am presently, continuing to pursue art within the digital realm.
  4. The bottom right corner is where I hope to be in the future, bringing all the pieces of my past and present towards a better future.
  5. Finishing and bringing the image full circle is a self portrait doing what I love, ART!
  6. The glowing, flowing images are a selected assortment of my paintings. Dating between ~2006-2014.

Let me know in the comments, what you think of the final image!

copyright © 2014 Tonya M.

What are your thoughts?

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