“not like you.”

Not Like You © 2014 Tonya M.

Not Like You © 2014 Tonya M.

John Smith: We’ve improved the lives of savages all over the world.
John Smith: Uh, not that you’re a savage.
Pocahontas: Just my people!
John Smith: No. Listen. That’s not what I meant. Let me explain, now…
Pocahontas: Let go!
John Smith: No, I’m not letting you leave.
Pocahontas: [jumps up into a tree]
John Smith: Look, don’t do this. Savage is just a word, uh, you know. A term for people who are uncivilized.
Pocahontas: Like me.
John Smith: Well, when I say uncivilized, what I mean is, is…
[he grabs a branch, but the branch is not strong enough to hold his weight, and John falls back to the ground. Pocahontas jumps down after him]
Pocahontas: What you mean is, “not like you.”

Painting Info

Total Time ~8 hours
Photoshop CS6

copyright © 2014 Tonya M.