2013 Year in Art © 2013 Tonya M.

2013 Year In Art

Colour Testing © 2013 Tonya M.

Colour Testing/Practice


I have recently become reacquainted with traditional mediums, specially (Shinhan Art has recently added to their marker collection) Touch Twin Brush Markers. I hear they are a competitive alternative to Copic Markers.

As a result, I have purchased/received several Touch Twin Brush Markers. And I have been in love ever since! :) Below are some of my colouring practice using the markers as well as Sakura Gelly Pens in White and Stardust Clear Star.

*Let me know if you wish to know which markers I used specifically for each image.
Portrait Colouring Test © 2013 Tonya M.
Avatar© 2013 Tonya M.
Hair Colouring Test © 2013 Tonya M.
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